"Goron40 and Allies"

The area of this flower garden is alive with holograms, allowing the citizens of Pax some interaction with the legends that shaped us.
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"Goron40 and Allies"


Post by Jent » Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:36 pm

<big>GORON40 </big>

Name: Genetically Outlined Recon Operative Number Four Zero
Chronological Age: 9
Biological Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Description and Physiology: Suited up with static camouflage, a Kevlar vest, weapon holsters, and a bullet-proof visor/helmet. Ready for some heavy combat.
Physical Abilities: All the GORONs were designed with enhanced reflexes, strength, speed, and agility.
Supernatural Abilities: Goron has the ability to fade into the Shadow realm and travel through it.
Weaponry: Goron is armed with a plasma sword, and carbine, along with a few sidearms and other present-day weaponry.
Equipment: The GORON wrist console with various attachments, and the Pizzamobile
Home: Goron island, but it was destroyed.
Origin/History: -Missing-
Alignment: While generally he leans towards the good side, Goron is always looking out for number one, and won't hesitate to do something that benefits him and only him.
Personality: Goron is mostly in a "ready-to-go" mood, unless you just woke him up.
Known Weaknesses: He's only human.
Allies: Shadow(See below), Eighteen/Monica, Alissa(See below)


Name: Shadow
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Grendel
Description and Physiology: He's a grendel. Nothing special.
Physical Abilities: Shadow has been trained to have enhanced speed and strength just like Goron.
Supernatural Abilities: Shadow has a mental link with other grendels so he is able to summon them all for help. That's alot of grendels.
Home: Jungle Terrarium
Origin/History: -Missing-
Alignment: Shadow is fiercly loyal to Goron and will follow him anywhere.
Personality: Hungry, curious, and playful, Shadow often gets himself into trouble.
Allies: Goron(See above), Eighteen/Monica


Name: Alissa
Age: 1
Gender: Female
Species: AI Construct
Description and Physiology: She is forever bound to a memory chip and may only take the form of a hologram.
Physical Abilities: She is a genius AI, able to solve even the most complex of problems in a matter of seconds. When implanted in a wrist console, she can enhance movement and reflexes.
Weaponry: Alissa is capable controlling any weaponry attached to the network she is plugged into.
Home: Her memory chip
Origin/History: Alissa was cloned from an unknown donor's brain, then digitized. The donor in question was a genius.
Alignment: Alissa is constantly allied with the forces of good, and tries to guide Goron on the same path.
Personality: She is normally energetic and resourceful, but may often have mood swings.
Allies: Goron(See above), Shadow(See Above)
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