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Repercussions: Lucca/Damian

The morning had started off friendly.

The atmosphere was calm.

Their twin was sipping coffee.

He had a smile on his face.

A question:

"... ?"

His reply:


They frowned.

When he hissed, his teeth showed.


A harsh remark.

"I dare you to say that to me again."

It stung them.

They loved their brother,

cherished their brother.


too many times had he taken their kindness for granted.

Too many times had he pushed them to the limit.

They tried to be nice to their brother.

Really, they did.

Their dainty hands clenched into fists.

Petite and with arms bearing little to no muscle,

they did not look strong enough to do any real damage.

But when their fist struck his face,

it sent him sprawling backwards, across the floor.

Their brother, as small as they were and even weaker, let out a muffled noise in pain.


It struck them like the punch they had delivered to their twin.

The floor smelled of coffee.

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