Dying of the Light

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Dying of the Light


Post by Vegoia » Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:29 pm

For as scattered, forsaken those orbiting chunks of the former planet currently be, some people stubbornly refuse to fall apart. One such settlement of fairly small sized thrived. Its center piece presenting a massive tree with outstanding branches. Letting the dweller beneath an extra relative shade and security. For at anytime, they could escape to its twin sibling. And the same for those on the other side as well.

Of shared architectural design, both sites of sapient activity naturally traversed between. All that was required to phase through, and past the mighty trunk, was to hold one of its ‘fruits.’ Moreso globs of levitating light. They varied in color and intensity to each and every individual that used them. Even a single of these orbs could allow a whole group to venture over if they remained hand in hand together. All they could do to remain in relative ordered society.

Though, one such a day felt dire, with nearly all of those on the watery Kata evacuating for their safety..

“You need to come along too, Altima.”

Two huldre, formerly nicknamed ‘Moomoo’ and ‘Nibbles,’ stared worriedly at the pacing woman. Not bothering to hover about off foot, the guys knew something troubled her so.

“Go ahead of me. And make sure Linda and Dagny Haugen leave too. Otherwise they are bound to stay behind.”

“But it’s-”

“Please… I’m only here for him… If not, I’d already joined you an hour ago…”

Disgruntled, they turned and made their way back to the tree. That Distortionist should know better than anyone that it be pointless to prolong it… Waiting at the closed door, not locked, and still unrest prevented Altima from ripping its hinges off. She was gravely sick before… And what could she do? Nothing…

“Devon… Don’t lose hope yet… Fight. Fight against the dying of the light…”

((This story incorporates elements that eventually needed to be wrapped up. Possibly a rough draft above to get rewritten for more details and information, but the overall concept is what is shown so far.

And already foresaw possible endings with only my characters involved. Going to let interactions direct how the path trails off into... Though, if anyone wishes to join, DM me first on Discord for further details. Nearly any posts regarding this story will end up here, as a reminder.

-The Librarian.))

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