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Murphy's Characters


Post by Murphy » Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:58 pm

Name: Murphy (Not to be confused with his less chaotic namesake)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Middling height, large build, blonde hair. Frequently wears a voluminous travelling coat and worn leather boots.

Abilities: Can "borrow" objects and non-sentient creatures from anywhere in the multiverse. The effort of sustaining them becomes more difficult the longer they are there. Whereas simple small to medium objects can be held nearly indefinitely, animals present a higher strain though the duration he can keep them is still quite long. In dire needs, transporting humans and sentient creatures is possible, but utterly exhausting and potentially deadly. He has a limited ability to alter the laws of physics around his person by tapping into chaotic energy. This is a limited resource that replenishes through resting. The bigger the influence, the more energy it takes. Therefore, exploiting weaknesses and opportunities to use the least energy is always the best option. He is able to cause large changes with the blessing of his Master, though these entreaties often go ignored unless the situation is truly dire or greatly advantageous to his goals. This does not apply to his physical person which he can alter at will, though he prefers his nondescript human form since it, to quote, "itches like crazy" to change shape. He can move himself through the universe by walking through a void in entropy, but anyone with him will almost certainly be destroyed if they are beings created by the forces of Order.

Personality: Outwardly seeming utterly random and inattentive, taking great joy in causing mayhem and disorder. This belies a shrewd and cunning nature. Nothing brings him more joy than to have an opponent think him an idiot and be proven tragically wrong.

History: Before he was the Ambassador of Chaos, he was a mere mortal man. The Master, the manifestation of all the disorder and entropy of the multiverse, chose him to harbor his powers and bring them forth to the world after the death of his previous servant. The Master had grown weak since the assertion of physical laws at the dawn of the universe. He needed an envoy to go into the world to undo the seams of order and bring back the Primordial Chaos and as each one fell, he chooses a new host.

Notes: His death will cause the chaotic energy still in his reservoir to release explosively. This has historically not been a good thing for life in general.
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