Zaphira's conversations

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Zaphira's conversations


Post by BoltAscendent » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:55 am

There comes a knock at Zaphira's door.

The door swung open.

A lone guard, wearing a full set of steel armor with the trimmings of the Encampment is standing there. They shift uneasily.


The insides are lavish, rich purples, deep reds, blacks, many odd objects adorning the walls, statues of women of various races, many they not even know about, were carved in stone, glass, both clear and obsidian, even a few metal ones, including a silver one, lined the walls. They were pictures of beauty, builds varied but all utterly beautiful in some way or another, on various poses. Most notably, they were highly detailed, downright perfect replicas of the bodies in full anatomical detail, nude.

The guard takes a peek, staring an extra minute at the strange art and sculpture... Whose place was this? Some bachelor?

"Hello?! Town Guard! Your door is open..."

A soft, rich, womanly voice echoed by, allure almost palpable. "Yes, do come in."

They do so, intrigued by the melodic welcome. They almost feel embarrassed to be in someplace so rich... Did they make sure they didn't track in dirt?

"Err... We are going door to door to notify the public of some... disappearances."

They stay close to the door, hoping the owner will appear soon... Those statues are... unreal.

"Oh, yes, follow the doors." They opened and let them in deeper.

"... Right." The Guard replies, following the indicated path. They can't help but take in all the decoration... it's simply impossible to conceive someone accumulated this much luxury since Pax was created.

It led to a bedroom, even more luxurious than the rest, with a bed no less than twenty foot by twenty foot. The sheets even looked soft and inviting. On the bed lay the form of Zaphira, silver skin, amethyst eyes with vertical slits for pupils, long aquamarine hair to her feet, and a bright ruby red robe wrapped around her tightly that showed her form off quite well. Speaking of it, she was absolutely stunning, sleek, curved, and almost impossibly well built. She stood six foot seven with long metallic black wings seven foot across, and was doing nothing to hide how large chested she was, as she clocked in somewhere around GG at least. Her voice was no less alluring in person, smooth and almost playing with someone all while she kept a blank face. "Please, sit down." Her long silver tail flicked about over her as it came into view. She picked up a bottle of vodka with it. "Care for a drink? Must be hard, working so much."
The guard's mouth dropped inside their helmet. This... was never expected. The Guys would tell stories like this, but they could never be true... the whole situation was as though some porno had spilled out into reality... Take a seat? Where? On the bed? And drinking...

"M'am, I am on duty." They say, probably firmer than they need to. "You can come to the station if you're interested in the information... and decent."

"I'd like you to tell me now. I don't much fancy leaving, and I am quite decent. This robe is fully covering. You woke me from a lovely little nap I was taking. Now..." A smile played across her lips and she spoke much more forcefully, not a demand, or even racing her voice, yet carrying enough force weaker people would act without thinking. "Sit."

The guard creaks in their armor, watching the silvery woman... They stare at the bed... and gesture frustrated.

"... No? That would be inappropriate, ma'am."

"No drink, then. Please, do sit down, however. I am interested, but can't leave."

"... On your bed?"

“Yes. I don't gave a chair here, so it will do."

"I think I'll stand." They reply, with a definite tone of annoyance.

"Fine~ Will you at least tell me already?"

The guard unrolls a scroll. On it are several illustrations of missing people, some Zaphira would recognize as her own doing.

"These are people who have vanished in the last few months. Now, we are aware of the... chaotic nature of Pax, but if you have any information on their whereabouts, it would be appreciated."

"Mmm...Likely victims of the dangers here." She'd list a couple of those she hadn't eaten and the causes of death. "I listen to things going on."

The guard freezes, now uncertain. No one had been able to provide ANY information so far...

"You... listen to current events? And they told you their cause of death?"

"I listen. I pay attention. I don't leave, but I have ears everywhere."

"... I would like you to come with me back to the station. For further questioning..."

"No. I just said, I don't leave my house."

"You have information no one else was able to provide... We'd like to observe you..."

"Then you come here. I don't leave."

"M'am... you are being... difficult. Your co-operation would be helpful."

"And? I just said, I don't leave. You are welcome to question what you want here, but I do believe I have the influence here."

The guard opens their mouth, seemingly ready to lash out in frustration... but bites their tongue and takes a deep breath.

"I apologize for my tone. You can imagine stress in my line of work runs... unbearably high. The loss rate is..."


"What about these? What do you know about them?"

The guard indicates specifically Zaphira's meals.

"Yes. Information?" She smiled, physically pulling them closer by energy. "I know what you are talking about. The general quality of recruits, however, is low.

Zaphira would notice, though clad head to toe in armor... the Guard's energy was NOT male. It probably explained a lot of her reactions to Zaphira's requests...

Still, all the same, she walks forward, manipulated by the magic.

"... We really train them well. Many see the Guards as a joke... but we deal with such unimaginable things."

"They need more caution and care." She shifted her vibe, something that didn't make shared genders any defense. She was a succubus, charm and allure a skill they had regardless of orientation.

“We need less powerful threats... Do you know how many beings out there that look just like me or you are completely..."

She throws up her arms in exasperation, not having a word.

"... It's insane."

"Oh, yes, I'm one of them." She smiled, rolling over. "And yet, I saw the mess at the forest a few days ago, with George. Too trusting around the domain of personified evil."

The guard gives her head a shake.

"Err... I'm sorry. You said you were... what?" She looks around, and suddenly realizes she's sitting on the bed.

"I am Zaphira. A succubus. Goddess of Dimension."

The Guard is on her feet in seconds, reacting quicker than Zaphira might expect.

"I-I have to go!" She says, voice full of confusion and inner turmoil over how she could have been manipulated so easily.

"You see? There you go again." She chuckled. "Sit." Her command was now an outright command, her charms and magic ensuring it was followed.

She does so without question, turning to give Zaphira her full attention - though through a visor.

"I... go? What?" Her voice trembles, trying its absolute best to remain stern.

"You see? You didn't even notice my influence, and I don't even want to harm you~ Given what you go against, what chance do you have against an active manipulator with so little focus and care of yourself? Now, I said relax. We are friends here. If I wanted you damaged, I would have already."

"I can't... leave..." She says, voice filling with notes of panic, though they are quickly washed away by Zaphira asking her to relax. She adopts a much more casual pose on the bed.

"What do you want with me?"

"To talk. Nothing more. Please, relax. Would you like a drink?"

"Yes, please. It's been a stressful day." She says, as though Zaphira is a friend. The Guard offers her gauntleted hand. "I'm Anita. Zaphira, right?"

"Yes. Zaphira, Dark Goddess of Dimension. It's simply my title, not indicative of my nature." She took it and smiled, pouring a glass of vodka and offering it as she withdrew her influence. "Truly sorry about that, but I needed to calm you down enough you could think."

The Guard removes her helmet, red hair spilling down to her shoulders. She takes the drink - and finishes it in one gulp. It seems to steady her shaking hand.

"Think? About what? That I am being held hostage by a Goddess?" -_-

"Oh, you are free now~ But you were panicked. Panic is the enemy, Anita. It leads to rash decisions."

"I'll... keep that in mind." The Guard says with a sigh. She looks at her glass, and offers it back to Zaphira for a refill.

"... Might as well, at this point."

"It's not poison. It's high quality, high content vodka." She poured her another bit. "You deal with unknown factors and walk into their territory. It's unwise."

"One should always seek at least neutral ground, if not to pull the other part to their home field."

"... I never thought my day would include combat advice from a Goddess..." She takes her drink, sipping this one. Again, she thinks of the statues and paintings.

"Interesting choice of decor. What's that about?"

"Personal taste. Nothing more. The statues are golems, set to defend my home. Each is comparable to a lower archdemon."

"They all look so... lifelike. It's really quite impressive." She says honestly appreciating the art.

"I was going to go into sculpture, once. What seems like a long time ago..."

"Time becomes meaningless past a certain point, only a marker of how much one must wait." She smiled to her. "They look lifelike because I made them. Each is hand crafted, the anatomy studied in meticulous detail to the smallest parts."

"... You seem to have studied the anatomy of quite a few women." Anita simply states, before taking a long drink.

"... Not that there's anything wrong with that."

"I study biology on every level. I absolutely love new things. I hunger for knowledge, an insatiable curiosity that has kept me sane this long, dull life."

"... What a deft avoidance of my undertones. Good job." Anita grins. Even a God is not immune to her blunt honesty. She finishes her drink, and looks around Zaphira's room.

"Whole place like this? The Guard barracks don't compare in the slightest..."

"Oh, yes, I've had longer than you, this world, and your world combined have been alive to build my home." She poured a drink. "As for your undertones, I have little interest in moth. Some games, even some care for these heavy two." She motioned to her positively massive chest. "Heavy, you know. But little else. I am not a sexual person, despite being a succubus. I do so only with those I am fond of as a method to feel closer." She spoke calmly the whole time, without a trace of embarrassment.

"Ah. A purely scientific interest in every curve of the women you meet. You certainly are a strange creature, Zaphira."

Anita relaxes slightly more, a little drunk, looking up at the ceiling. She seems to have an idea.

"But being a God... if they are bothersomely heavy, can't you just-?" She trails off, but tries to mime shrinking breasts with her hands.

"My body often rejects changes. I ascended to divinity, and am still subject to it. Similarly, if I cut my hair, it grows back within the day, but no more. They have their uses, at least. Still, they are...dreadfully heavy, especially with my weight, and often grow sore."

"I'm very sorry to hear that." Anita says politely. "I guess it's just us mortals you can adjust with ease."

"I use charms. Looks, primarily, tones, adjusted to the mind of the species. If need be, magic. Adjusting bodies is a more involved affair. I have more luck manipulating my internals than such a thing. My body is metallic." She knocked on her head, producing a metallic ringing.

"That's how you had me act like your puppet?" She states simply. "I- I'm not mad. Just curious."

"Charms. Commands. I have an exceptionally forceful personality. Appeal to your sense of command and leaders, asserting myself as the leader, the dominant. Little charm to calm you down, and just a touch to open you to martial charm. A succubus, properly trained, can get anyone, male or female, to do as she says without actions just by flaunting her body. We rely on such things to do our work, normally. From there, I calmed you and with speech and made you more receptive to my suggestions. Never forced, but it may have felt like it. Enough will can break all of those, or proper training. This is not a negative to you, the required will is possessed by precious few without training, yet most, with training and desire, can avoid it."

"Flaunt your- You... may have misinterpreted something there." Anita explains. That wasn't a factor... or... it shouldn't have been.

"Hmm. Commands. Like a puppy. Soon you'll have me doing tricks..." She laughs a little at her dark joke.

"You yourself said, and I quote "... We really train them well. Many see the Guards as a joke... but we deal with such unimaginable things." That implied trained leadership. As a result, I could expect such training to leave the markers, easy bits to tag to. A silvertongue can get many things done with only speech~" She stuck her tongue out as a joke, almost the exact same as her skin in color.

"Aha.... Nice one, Silvertongue. I suppose you have me all figured out..."

"I... really have to go but... it's hard making friends, especially at the station full of men. I'm wondering... would you like to hang out again some time?"
"Certainly. If they desire knowledge, they can get it. Just know, I read people. I read you, after all. Still, feel free. In the future, watch your words. I am mostly harmless. Those you face are not. Avoid feeding them more knowledge than you should."

"... Right." She says, before getting up to leave.

"Do take care~" She waved, doors opening to let her out.
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