Kin of Thrymheim With Much Delight

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Kin of Thrymheim With Much Delight


Post by Jent » Tue Dec 25, 2018 6:05 pm

Kin of Thrymheim with much delight
Their monsters drive this awful night,
Past white trees tops, their force had blew,
To beckon a sweet sorrow to you.

The mighty fiends sent permitted stage,
A wretched of Order, and of Rage,
This Feasting night of doom they swore,
Which Pax endured so much time before.

Among ranks of beasts dark in heart,
Taught by new masters' hand for their part;
Some, wise as men, and quite frankly keen,
Others, whose lack for brains unseen.

For the Krampus gave a nasty snarl,
And the dead came out for a call;
No spirits, wolves, thieves, just cursed,
To shatter cheer, to do their worse.

Where they planned to offer life or death,,
The Encampment's choice, heart and breath,
No chance of bargain, or retort,
With malice mark, and time's up sort;

No pleas to queal their resolve,
Nor fancy jewels for trade involve;
For Idi desires to raze all to the ground,
With Gangr building anew on the mound,.

But where did these two arise?
Formerly dead, they some form of guise?,
Thrymheim's children, heirs, killers,
Brutes, and thieves, ain't that a chiller,

They left the beyond, unbound, now free,
The rivaling brothers of Thaizi
Will the town be able to defend?
Or shall they met their end?

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